Laura Elizabeth Back (leback) wrote,
Laura Elizabeth Back

Emergency Backup Game Night!

[cross-posted from sfbay-poly, with apologies (again) to non-Bay-Areans who read my journal]

Since serenejournal is unable to host game night tonight, anyone who is unexpectedly without plans for the evening and would like to play games at the far end of the bay is invited to my house in Mountain View, beginning at 8pm. Please note that our house contains several cats and an extraordinary quantity of their hair, and that wheelchair access is (regrettably) limited; additional accessibility details will be happily provided upon request. We are roughly half a mile from the downtown MV Caltrain station and convenient to Highways 101/85; I will send exact location/directions on RSVP.

Even if you already know where I live, please do reply if you're thinking of coming by, because if I don't hear from anyone: (a) I will not procure snacks; and (b) I may go out to a movie and not be here at all when you arrive. If I get any definite commitments at all, my partners and I will be here with something or other for you to eat.

Advisory warning: This Emergency Backup Game Night is not an official serenejournal-endorsed event, and I do not promise to match her hosting skills. Also, I have only regular Fluxx -- no Monty Python.

See you tonight?

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