leback's Journal

Laura Elizabeth Back
2 October
Hi, I'm Laura.

In my professional life (such as it is), I'm a doctoral student in political theory at the University of Washington. This puts me in the political science department, but I'm much more a watered-down philosopher than an actual social scientist. I live with akosut in Mountain View, California. (Yes, I commute a lot.) My immediate family consists of akosut, myshkintheidiot, and three cats. My extended family is scattered around North America, and I see most of it far less often than I'd like. I unfortunately don't really do "hobbies" anymore -- studying, teaching, and traveling tend to wear me out, so most of my non-academic interests are of the couch-potato variety, or only sporadically pursued. Usually, the work is worth it.

I f-lock just about everything in here, but if you don't have access and you'd like to, feel free to message me. If you used to have access and I've trimmed you, it probably means I didn't know you were actually still following along. When I'm paying attention to LJ at all (which is increasingly infrequent), I try to at least glance over everything on my f-page, so the contents of my list fluctuate a lot with available time and energy. If I'm not around or not reading your journal and you've posted something you'd particularly like me to see, feel free to email or use LJ's "message" function to get my attention.